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Curvet USA Inc. was created as a trading company over 18 years ago, importing products from several of the manufacturing companies under the Curvet group umbrella.


Most recently Curvet USA has placed energy and investment in domestic manufacturing essentially bringing Italian design and glass working “know how” home to the US.


It is the mission of Curvet USA to provide a sophisticated line of glass products to an educated and creative consumer by offering custom design options and in many color choices in a short time frame and at a fair price.


Glass table tops can be found at every level in the marketplace often thought of as merely a non obtrusive or simple surface solution, at Curvet USA we believe the glass top should be much more, a creative opportunity.  With no other product do you have the ability to choose from or combine the design elements of color, texture, pattern, translucency, opacity or pure clarity.  With few other products you can determine the exact size and shape of the surface or select the way the edge defines its space.


Tables and table bases can be found in almost any dimension and design style and at nearly any level of quality and price point imaginable.  At Curvet USA it is our commitment to provide not only significant style options within one catalog; from clean and pure design to flowing curvilinear forms, but to also provide many of theses designs at several price points; we are able to accomplish this not by lowering our standard of high quality but by offering a selection of materials and a choice of custom elements; again an opportunity for consumer creativity even with a variable budget.


Why glass from Curvet USA?  Because we do not provide items in our catalog, we provide designs and materials with room for the personal touch and freedom for creative input.  It is not simply a beautiful product; it is a marriage of our craftsmanship and our unique approach to the material combined with your design elements however subtle or bold, that place our product in harmony with you and the space in which you live.


Curvet is ahead of the curve with colored glass, glass sinks, glass furniture and glass countertops.

 Curvet USA Inc.    ph. 814.663.0704    fax 814.663.0605    info@curvetusa.com    www.curvetusa.com

Visit our parent company at www.curvet.it


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